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Portland Timbers Transfer Window Trade Game

The transfer window is coming soon. What moves do you expect to see? (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
The transfer window is coming soon. What moves do you expect to see? (Photo by Ned Dishman/Getty Images)
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We've already seen the Portland Timbers make numerous trades throughout the first half of the season. Mike Fucito came in, Bright Dike went out on loan, Steven Smith was recruited, Jorge Perlaza was exchanged for Portland-local Danny Mwanga. Really, it's been a busy seasons in terms of trades. Makes me wonder if the Timbers front office simply wasn't able to get everything done before the season kicked off, or if they were scrambling after ot performing as expected.

In either case, it doesn't really matter because in a few short weeks the international transfer window will be flung wide open and, while as we saw the Timbers don't necessarily need to wait until then to make trades with other MLS sides, they do need to wait in order to transfer with some of the biggest clubs in the world. Additionally, it's simply the time when most of the deals get done regardless due to the fact that teams are half way through the season and most managers begin looking at the possibility of either improving or letting go of key players.

So, with that said, before the onslaught of MLS trading news begins to pound the MLS shores, I want to play a game... the transfer window trade game!

Now, there are no winners or losers. There is no prize, unfortunately, but what we can do is get in some good discussion concerning who we want to see traded and who we wouldn't mind seeing come in.

Here's who I see coming and going:


  1. A new midfielder, probably a creative type who really sits well in a CAM position. Nagbe is the go-to guy for that position, but there's no depth. Unfortunately, all of MLS is short on these types so I'm not sure who we'll see come in.
  1. Bright Dike. Sad, but there's simply no room for him anymore on the team. He's 25, on loan to a PDL side, and with Jose Adolfo Valencia getting better for next year I just have a hard time seeing where he falls on the depth chart.
  2. Chris Taylor or Freddie Braun (not both). Same reason as Dike. Both are getting older, but getting no time with the Timbers and I don't see it happening anytime soon. Hopefully one of them gets the chance to go to a struggling team where they'll get some meaningful minutes and get some starting XI or substitution time.
  3. Lovel Palmer. Pretty please? Also made redundant by his poor right back skills, and the need for CAM not a second CDM. Also, believe it or not, he's actually worth something still.
There's my poor predictions. What do you guys think?