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How Long Does John Spencer Have to Turn the Portland Timbers Around? [Poll]

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So far this season we have already seen two different coaches sent packing for under-performing during the first third of the season. First Aron Winter was let go for Toronto FC's staggeringly awful start to the season and now, as of just few minutes ago, we saw the Philadelphia Union give Peter Nowak the boot after some incredibly questionable moves on and off the field throughout the season and a disappointing start to the season for a team that made the play-offs last year.

With that said, it begs the question: just how long does John Spencer have to turn the Portland Timbers around before he too is shown the door?

But let me clear about one thing before we continue. I'm not here calling for Spencer's job. I'm not here to lambaste him for the Timbers' current position. This is just a discussion piece to see where you guys stand on the matter.

So, with that said, let's take a look at his current performance this season.

Right now it's easy to blame Spencer for the Timbers' current woes and it would be equally easy to call for his job given the current position the Timbers are in and with the dreadful defeat at the hands of Cal FC. But the fact is that, despite TFC and the Union waving goodbye to their respective coaches, it would be a little difficult to place Spencer in the same category as either Winter or Nowak.

While the Timbers are obviously struggling, they're also not abysmally bad either. Not on the same level as TFC anyway. At 13 points it's still very easy to turn the season around. Additionally, unlike Nowak, Spencer and Gavin Wilkinson aren't dismantling the team's core and removing fan favorite players. So to put him in with that lot would be a little unfair.

Still, the Timbers are known to have an ambitious owner (Merritt Paulson) and a ravenous fan group (you guys) so perhaps the expectations are a bit higher. Not to say the Red Patch Boys and Sons of Ben aren't worthy of high expectations either. But it seems pretty clear that the Timbers Army are expecting more out of their current position.

With that, I leave the discussion and poll to you guys. What do you think? How long will it be before Spencer is let go if results don't start to come in?