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UEFA Euro 2012 Discussion Thread: Last Chance Edition

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We saw the outcome of Group A yesterday and boy was it dramatic. Going in I head pegged Russia and Poland as the two heading to the upper echelons of the tournament. Instead it was the Czech Republic and Greece of all nations... Just goes to show that anything can happen in a tournament!

In any case, today we have everybody's favorite group kicking off: the Group of Death.

  • Germany vs. Denmark
  • Portugal vs. Netherlands
Germany sits pretty on top of the group, but this is not a "sure thing" for them yet. It will be difficult to be knocked out of the tournament, but it could very well happen. Also, while the Netherlands might seem like a lock to be heading home after today, that also is not a sure thing. Given certain circumstances, that would require a NASA scientist to explain, they could carry on. It all gets so complicated.
Additionally, tomorrow is the conclusion of Italy and Spain's group where it looks like Italy could see an early exit from a major tournament... again. That said, though, even Spain isn't safe. A loss to Croatia tomorrow and a win for Italy over Ireland (who is out) will send the Spaniards home early.

Finally, Group D is still fairly open with only Sweden as being confirmed out. While France and England maintain the lead with 4 points a piece, the Ukraine isn't too far behind with 3 points. A win for them against England tomorrow would see the host nation through to the next stage of the tournament. I mean, one of the host nations has to make it right? ... Right?

We'll have another discussion thread for the quarterfinals when they begin. Until then use this thread for all your Euro 2012 discussion!