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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Stay Hydrated Edition

The Timbers were back training in full stride today as fitness coach John Ireland reminded the team to stay well hydrated ahead of what will likely be a trying match in the altitude against Colorado this weekend. Today's practice at the Beaverton training facility was closed after warm ups but the team was still working on the pitch when the press was let back out onto the field.

Rodney Wallace continued his return to fitness, once again warming up with the team. However, I did not see him on the pitch after practice and it is likely that he went inside to continue rehabilitating his ankle.

Eric Brunner was still out of practice today while he recovers from the concussion he sustained last month.

Kalif Alhassan and Jose Adolfo Valencia were both at practice today, but neither took part in the team's warm ups. Alhassan was outside stretching at the end of practice while Valencia was on the sidelines joking with his teammates.

More practice notes and quotes from Troy Perkins after the jump.

After practice most of the team was still on the field. At one end of the pitch, John Spencer was running crossing drills with a number of the younger wide players. Ryan Kawulok and Charles Renken both served up some good crosses from the close side of the field to Sebastian Rincon and Brent Richards, who were acting as targets in the center of the pitch.

An increasingly common sight after practice is a large circle of players playing keepy uppy, with Franck Songo'o, Mike Chabala, and the entire Colombian contingent usually the first ones to get a game going.


Troy Perkins

On practicing after the Timbers victory over Seattle

It is a little bit of pressure off you. It is a big relief to get a win at home finally, especially like that and now we have got a big match coming up this weekend.

On the possibility of there being a letdown after a big win

It is always in the back of your mind. It doesn't mean anything if you go out and lose the next weekend so it is up to the older guys, the more experienced guys, to make sure that the attitude is good throughout the week and that we are focusing and that though is behind us now of winning a big game.

On how drastically one win can affect a team's confidence

It is amazing what one win or one loss can do. If we go out and lose that game the sun is out now but it is going to feel terrible. It is a complete change in atmosphere and environment and I think that everyone is a little bit relieved.

On how the team has improved their ability to close out games

Just by playing together. If you look around and you see one guy that you are not confident in than it is contagious, so if you look around and you say, you know what, we've got it; I feel good; I feel confident in the guy next to me; then you'll be fine.

On the physical play of the Timbers center backs

I think that all of our center backs have been incredibly physical and tough this year and that is what you want. You want two guys in the middle that are going to go around banging heads.

On Futty Danso's game against Seattle

It meant a lot for him. In the four years that he has been here it is the first time that he has won at home against Seattle and it meant a lot for him to get in that game, so I think that he was willing to do whatever it took.

On playing the Colorado Rapids this weekend

I just remember them stealing the game away from us at Jeld-Wen last year. The way they came in I think that we should have done better but it is our chance to go and get three points.

On playing at altitude in Colorado

For me, I could care less. It is another game. You start thinking about it, then you start worrying about it, then that is when it starts to affect you.

(After this comment, someone pointed out that Perkins had to do a lot less running than the rest of the team, which he laughed and acknowledged.)

On how the altitude will affect the flight of the ball

You have got to be patient with the ball. If you attack the ball too early it is going to go right over your head. That is part of it but you just relax and sink into the game a little bit.

On how quickly the team could gain ground on the league table

Look at LA, they get nine points in a week and now they are in fifth place. There is no reason we can't do the same next week with three games.

More quotes coming later. Hopefully I should get some up from John Spencer, David Horst, and Danny Mwanga.