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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: The Lost Quotes Edition

I am feeling under the weather, so I didn't get out to the Timbers training session today. Sorry folks. At least this gives me a free moment to bear down and transcribe some more quotes form the last few days.


John Spencer

On the Timbers game against Seattle

I thought that when we controlled the first half and controlled possession we created chances. I think in the second half when they controlled possession then didn't really create much so all the possession was in front of us and they put us under pressure on time and Eddie Johnson scores a great goal. Apart from that it was mostly freekicks that they were putting right into the box and that was where we were under pressure, but apart form that they never really created any clear cut chances while we had the one that Franck Songo'o played on his back foot to Mike Fucito and made a half chance.

On the Timbers defense

I think that not just recently but over the last eight or ten games we've not really given up a lot of goals, whereas last year there was games where we lost four in Dallas and three in LA and those three in Colorado. We lost big and I haven't really seen that this year.

More quotes from John Spencer and David Horst after the jump.

On the Timbers' position in the league

Right now we're sitting near the bottom of the conference but we've got two or three games in hand and that is what a lot of people tend to forget. You just look at the LA Galaxy right before they played us: everybody is doom and gloom and saying that they are this and they are that and they are not going to make playoffs, then all of a sudden they have picked up three great wins back to back and now they have pushed themselves, thrust themselves, right back into the mix again. The more games that come along it is great playing back to back games if you are winning. We should get a lot of confidence form this weekend and, you know, go into Colorado feeling good about ourselves.

On how it felt to beat Seattle

Yeah, I think it is nice that, I mean, you never want to lost to your rivals. They are great games to win and horrendous games to lose. I felt confident last year after we went up there and tied 1-1. I thought we showed a lot of character in that game and I was looking forward to the game down here then that was the biggest letdown ever and the fans were disappointed and so were the players and staff. It is nice to win one. It proves that we can stand up to the occasion and play with the best of them. It's good for the fans. The fans probably gloat on it a little bit more than we do. We came in this morning and we are just look forward and preparing ourselves for the Colorado game next week.

On the team's outlook going into the game against Seattle

When you've played in big derby games, there is no doubt about it, it gives you that extra spring in your step but it still only gives you three points. It would be great if it was four points to beat your local rivals but I think that if we look back at the Cascadia games that we've played since we've been here we have only lost one out of six and that was Seattle last year. We beat Vancouver home and away.


David Horst

On how practice has gone after beating Seattle

It is always a great feeling coming off a win like that but we can't dwell on it too long. We have got to move on to the next game and so right now we are just worrying about Colorado and getting ready for that game.

On the team's confidence

You can see it in the guys' eyes. They have a little bit extra hop in their step this week and guys are smiling. Hopefully we can take this confidence into the game this weekend and keep it going.

On how packed the league table is

The table is like that every year. That is what you get with the parity in this league, so you know that if you get a couple of wins under your belt and you are in the playoff race and you get a couple of losses and you are out of the playoff race. It is a long season and we can't get too high or too low; we have got to keep it steady and keep winning games and scoring goals.

On playing the full ninety minutes for the second game in a row

It felt awesome. Six months ago I never thought I would be playing in this game and it is a testament to our training staff getting me back healthy and ready for the game. It is a great feeling.