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Recap: Timbers go to Colorado, suck Rocky Mountain Oysters

Quick Recap

The Portland Timbers came out flat and looked terrible making the Colorado Rapids look like Manchester United. Colorado took advantage and scored two early goals. Their lead held up as Portland continued their uninspired play and added another one late. 3-0 loss.

First Half

Portland's road woes continued as they came out flat and uninspired. Colorado didn't take long to take advantage of a listless defense and of seeming lack of motivation from the Timbers players. 18 minutes in Steven Smith got torched and an easy ball was played into the box to a wide open Colorado player for the easy tap in.

4 minutes later Portland's midfield completely backed off of Brian Mullan and allowed him all the time in the world. Mullan took that time and hit a perfect cross to Conor Casey who was open in between two Portland defenders and hit a perfect header into the back of the net.

The rest of the half was a just as painful to watch.

Second Half

Portland came out looking like they wanted to get something going offensively but without Kalif Alhassan and Franck Songo'o there was no creativity nor the skills to do it. Cross after cross sailed over the bar and out of bounds without even challenging the Colorado defense.

The ineptitude continued for the rest of the half and Portland gave up a late goal.


  • Not sure why anyone would take out Franck Songo'o as he was the sole player who was doing anything offensively.
  • No Chara for the San Jose match and this is a huge loss. Not expecting a win Tuesday.
  • For having a coach who is said to be a strong motivator the team really looked unmotivated
  • Why does it look like the Timbers could care less?
  • These timbers are not even close to a playoff team, just happy they aren't in contention for the Wooden Spoon... yet.
  • Kalif is our Offense, without him the offense falters and goes no where.
Anyone else want to vent? Go ahead and do so in the comments below.

Shout out to Vitaminx for the recap title.