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NTR: Where Were You When the USA beat Portugal?

Ten years ago today the US National Team opened their 2002 World Cup with a stunning 3-2 defeat of Portugal. The victory helped get the US past the group stage and was one of two absolutely shocking defeats for the Portuguese, the other one coming at the hands of the hosts, South Korea.

The win was eventually overshadowed by the USMNT's 2-0 defeat of Mexico in the Round of 16, and Torsten Frings' uncalled handball in the box in the quarter finals. South Korea's subsequent appearance in the semifinals of the tournament also overshadowed the US' achievements and solidified their presence on the world soccer stage henceforth.

But the win against Portugal invigorated the support for the team in the US, giving fans more hope than any previous result that the US game was on the ascendency. This in spite of the fact that the game was broadcast at 2am Pacific Time.

For my part, I got myself out of bed at 2am and headed over to Torrefazione coffee shop on NE 15th and Weidler, only to find it full to the brim with fans, forcing me to watch through the window. I was so encouraged by the spectacle that I decided to check out the local A League team, the Portland Timbers, for the first time.

So where were you on this momentous morning ten years ago? Share your story in the comments!