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Timbers Man of the Match: The Let Down In Colorado Edition [Poll]

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Well, that was disappointing wasn't it? I could talk about the fact that the Timbers were run ragged, or that the defense that has been the toast of the town let in three goals, or that nobody know what the heck happened with Franck Songo'o in the 38th minute, but I will try not to; that is for the recap and the player ratings. With a strong collective post-game urge to nominate "nobody" for the Man of the Match, the Stumptown Footy editors put our heads together an picked out the performances that most stood out to us after the Timbers loss to Colorado.

Will - Franck Songo'o

Ok, I said I wouldn't talk about Franck Songo'o but that just wasn't going to happen. In the opening minutes of the game the Timbers actually looked dangerous on the attack and that attack was flowing through Songo'o. He wasn't contributing much on the defensive end of things, but it is a stretch to pin either of the first two Colorado goals on him. After Songo'o was taken off the Timbers looked flat and never quite managed to get back into the game.

Check out the rest of our Man of the Match picks and vote on your own after the jump.

Ryan - The Timbers Army

My man of the Match is the Traveling TA who endured this putrid performance and cheered the whole game.

Geoff - Nobody

For tonight's Man of the Match I have decided to go with nobody.

I know it kind of defeats the purpose of having a MotM article, but there was seriously nothing moving for the Timbers. Nobody was really pushing. The only player who really orchestrated anything was Franck Songo'o, but he was subbed out after half an hour. Completely bizarre move and incredibly frustrating. I'm not sure what went wrong with tonight's Timbers, but nobody looked like themselves. Even Diego Chara, the perennial powerhouse in the midfield seemed completely muted.

Andy - Kris Boyd

So sue me for actually picking a player. But from my vantage point he was the only man wearing a white shirt who was calling for the ball and running at it -- and that includes on defense. He should also be given credit for very nearly scoring -- and being the only Timber to do so -- and for trying to get the team to do anything at all.

There are our picks for Man of the Match, but what are yours? Be sure to cast your vote and let us know why in the comments.