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Portland Timbers @ Colorado Rapids Player Ratings: Here We Go Again Edition

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Player ratings for Sunday's match won't be quite as in depth as you're probably used to. This is primarily because we four writers here at Stumptown Footy are running into ourselves trying to finish up the post game coverage of the Colorado game while also getting all our preview game material ready for tomorrow's game. It's madness!

In any case, as we all know the Portland Timbers went to Colorado this past weekend to take on conference rivals the Colorado Rapids. They kicked the ball around a bit for the first few minutes and then apparently got very sleepy and decided to take a nap for the rest of the match. True story.

Here are our player ratings.

Starting XI

Troy Perkins: 5

I have a hard time blaming Perkins for the goals considering his backline pretty much did nothing to help him. I keep saying the Timbers should play a 0-0-10 formation. Perkins is going to be left exposed anyway...

Andy's rating: 6 - Yeah, he's the one guy on the field who didn't have to do any running, but he was the most motivating voice on the pitch for most of the match. And he did everything he could to stop Tony Cascio from scoring, and in that he actually succeeded.

Jack Jewsbury: 3

Where was the Jack we've been used to these past few games? The best description that comes to be for Cap'n Jack was on Sunday "absent."

Will's rating: 3 - Until yesterday, Jewsbury was a stablizing force on the right flank. Unfortunately, as of today he is another in a long line of converted problems in the right back position. Like the rest of the Timbers defenders, Jewsbury just did not get the job done.

David Horst: 3

The same David Horst who was powerful, confident and a goal scorer against the Seattle Sounders was frustrated, slow and altogether easily pushed around against Colorado.

Ryan's rating: 3 - Not sure what happened with our CBs but Horst was the better of the two tonight.

Futty Danso: 2

Pretty much the same as Horst although I suppose you could say he was more responsible for at least two of the goals.

Will's rating: 3 - Not great. Futty just did not get the job done today. His step on the first Colorado goal (toward the net and away from both the ball and any Rapids player) is absolutely mystifying to me.

Steven Smith: 4

My primary gripe with Smith wasn't his attitude or willingness to work hard, but the fact that he couldn't understand the altitude issues that playing in Colorado had. He would consistently send crosses that would just float right over everybody.

Andy's rating: 3 - Smith had shown improvements in every game subsequent to his debut in Montreal, but on this day he looked to have reverted. I hope it was just an off day.

Sal Zizzo: 2

It was apparent after the Colorado game that Zizzo is a super-sub and nothing more. At least not yet. He showed none of the energy we've come to love him for in the 60th-70th minute.

Ryan's rating: 3 - Made some good runs but is to vertical in his attack. Is his touch worse then Jorge Perlaza's?

Diego Chara: 6

One of our better players, it honestly felt like Chara was just being stretched too thin to really be effective anywhere. He had to cover for so many players that he wasn't able to focus on his own game. Still, it's nice to have a player like Chara actually showing they can pull their own, and others' weight if need be.

Will's rating: 6 - Diego showed heart, which was good, but he was not his usual self, winning every ball that came near him and cutting out passes all over the pitch. Chara's great play this year have set the bar very high and, while he was one of the best performers on the night, he did not live up to his own high standards in the thin air of Colorado.

Darlington Nagbe: 4

What more can I say that I haven't said ad nauseam? Maybe it's time to see Nagbe take over his old right winger position from last season once again.

Andy's rating: 5 - He showed some signs of improvement over his Seattle performance. Either that or he played at the same level and just looked better in comparison with his teammates.

Franck Songo'o: 6

Songo'o pretty much lead the only meaningful offense in the first 30 minutes. And then he was subbed off. Why? Who the hell knows? Once he left though everything just fell completely flat.

Ryan's rating: 5 - I thought he was actually a good offense threat and I am still baffled by his sub.

Mike Fucito: 5

Ran, and ran, and ran. Just like we want him to. But he received no service. Much like our usual strikers' dilemma.

Will's rating: 4 - Not on the same page as his teammates and not playing smart, which is a big disappointment when talking about a Harvard guy. Fucito has the hustle but the rest of the team needs to hold possession for that sort of play to be effective and when that didn't happen he just did not adjust.

Kris Boyd: 5

Same story as Fucito. Boyd is only ever going to be as effective as the tool he's built for and the Timbers just aren't using him like they need to be. You can't hammer in a nail with a screw driver guys, well at least not very well. Great free kick strike, very reminiscent of Kenny Coopers' first ever MLS goal for the Timbers.

Andy's rating: 6 - My man of the match, he got a shot on target in the official stats, and actually had another, more dangerous one unofficially, and he appeared to be the only guy calling for the ball and running at people. I assume he was subbed out to save him for Tuesday's match.


Eric Alexander: 4

A poor replacement for Songo'o, he still held a bit of composure that the rest of the team was lacking. Still, he came in at the cost of the offensive driver.

Ryan's rating: 4 - Looked like he was trying to be an offensive spark and was playing balls forward but the quality was lacking.

Both Danny Mwanga and Rodney Wallace get a pass tonight for being subbed in after it was clear the team had pretty much given up after the 60th minute.


So there you have it. As a Timbers fan I feel like I'm on a roller coaster where the high parts don't get that high, but when you come crashing into the ground it's really hard and really fast. To be honest, it's making me a little nauseous (figuratively, of course).

Comments? Anybody want to blame the kit? I kind of do...