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Portland Timbers To Scrimmage Oregon State Today

UPDATE: I will be tweeting my observations about the game on @stumptownfooty starting at 2:00 and will have a wrap up posted later this evening. No tread for the game as there will not be an internet connection and I will be limited to my phone.

The Timbers reserves will be taking on Oregon State this afternoon in a bid to find more playing time for the team's reserves while giving the Beavers some high level competition as they prepare for the fall season. The scrimmage is closed to the public, but I will be there to take in the proceedings.

When I asked him what to expect from the scrimmage at practice yesterday, Gavin had this to say:

We don't have enough games for the reserve team. I think we are limited in the number of opportunities that we get to develop them, so it was created as a benefit to Oregon State and definitely a benefit to our younger players. I think you'll see a lot of the younger players out there tomorrow trying to get some minutes in their legs.

It is a game environment so we start to evaluate, we start to expect a little bit more, and it is just another opportunity for the young players to impress.

On of the things that has been the same throughout this season, no matter who is in charge, is the (well founded) complaints about the low number of reserve matches. Hopefully this scrimmage will give some of the less heralded players on the team a chance to show what they can do. Many have been clamoring for Ryan Kawulok and Sebastian Rincon to get some playing time and this could be their chance to force their way into the 18.

With that in mind, what do you want to hear about? Are there any of the young guys that I should track more closely than others? Should I try to live tweet the scrimmage? Let me know just what you would like to see from the scrimmage in the comments.