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Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids Links and Match Thread [7:30 PM]

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Fresh off their first win in a long time, the Portland Timbers remain at home this week to take on Western Conference rival the Colorado Rapids in a two game, home and away series. While the Timbers are still sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference table, last week's win has offered them a gleam of hope that they don't have to stay down there. In fact, tonight's opponent and next week's game will determine whether the Portland Timbers are able to leapfrog the Colorado Rapids... so that's certainly exciting!

So, with that said, here's all the information you need to get the scoop on tonight's game:

General Information

Watch it on: NBC Sports Network (no streaming option)
Kick off: 7:30pm @ Jeld-Wen Field
Colorado Rapids: 8th in the west with 26 points
Portland Timbers: 9th in the west with 24 points


KeyBank Match-up: Darlington Nagbe & Diego Chara vs. Hendry Thomas & Jeff Larentowicz | Portland

TimbersMatchday Preview: Energized Portland hosts Colorado side at JELD-WEN | Portland Timbers

Frustrated Colorado Rapids Will Look to Avoid Falling Further - Stumptown Footy
Colorado's record in games in which Matt Pickens has not earned a clean sheet: 2-16-2.

Time to get out of the basement! - Stumptown Footy
What Portland did right last game and what can they do to continue that against Colorado

Line Ups

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Final Thoughts

MLS's new schedule system once again shows its faults as the Timbers will be taking on the Colorado Rapids twice in a row. The unfortunate result is that each game is less exciting. While both teams will be competing for a grand total of 6 points, there's probably little you'll see tonight that you won't also be able to see next week. There is one thing though, it'll be a little interesting to see how the two teams act and react to each other when they have to face off immediately. I guess that's the the only positive I can take away from MLS's bungling of the schedule.

Also, oddly enough, it looks like NBC Sports will be carrying both PORvsCOL games. Seems like a bad choice on their part. Not that Portland isn't deserving but two of the same game in in a row?