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More Portland Timbers Training Quotes: Jack and Jake Talk Troy

Today's training report already had enough going on in it, so I thought I would go ahead and start a new thread for the day's quotes from Jack Jewsbury and Jake Gleeson. Here we go!


Jack Jewsbury

On the Troy Perkins trade

Yeah, it is tough. I saw him before we came out here. He is one of the guys that I have the most respect for, a guy that has helped this club tremendously, and who has been a great asset for us so it is sad to see him leave. That is, again, the nature of the business, the toughest part. I wish him well and I am excited to move on (Jewsbury did not look or sound excited at all here). It is one of those days that is tough on everyone.

On if he was shocked by the trade

Yeah, for sure. I don't think anyone expected that. It is one of those things that is tought, not only for him but for his family and everything like that, but the reality is it's the nature of the business and we have got to move on as a team.

On if he is worried about the possibility of being traded as another senior player

It is a possibility, I think, that when you sign a contract professionally it is what you sign up for and you know at ay point, no matter if you are the highest guy on the totem pole or the lowest, that you can be moved and shipped out just like that. It is tough part, but we all realize that at any point it can happen.

More quotes from Jack Jewsbury and Jake Gleeson after the jump.

On what Donovan Ricketts brings to the team

For me he is one of those guys that I have always hated plying against. He is a beast in the goal and has been one of the best keepers in this league, so as hard as it is to see Troy go, we are excited to bring him in.

On how the trade affects the team's younger players

I think when I talk to them it is the same message that I am telling you, on any given day when they take you into the office and tell you that you are leaving you have just got to pick your head up and move on and go and do your best. It is tough, but I think you see in the league that there are lots of changes going on right now that teams are making to better themselves and I think that is what we've done here.

I don't think we'd be on edge. No one has any clue what goes on behind closed doors. There is going to be moves, there is going to be changes within the squad whether it is now or in the off season. Those things happen year in and year out, so it is just a matter of, for me, going about your business every day and being a professional and giving it all you've got when you are out here.

On if the trade improves the team

All I can say is that Troy is a great professional, a great guy, someone I consider a good friend, and I wish him the best in Montreal. I've never played with Donovan so I don't know anything other than from playing against him. He is a great keeper and he will be a good addition to this team.

On if he saw Perkins before he left

Yeah, right before we came out. He came in to grab his stuff and just gave him a quick little hug and wished him the best and we will be in contact whenever he needs help with his stuff and wife and family. That is the hardest part, I think. As professionals, we realize these things can happen, but sometimes your wives and your kids it is a bit tougher to pack them up and move.

Jake Gleeson

On how he is feeling after returning from the Olympics

Obviously my groin popped in the Korea game, which was right before the tournament, didn't quite get right for the tournament, and is still bothering me now.

It is getting better, which is good, and I can get back out there and play and train properly, so hopefully over the next few days it will sort itself out, but obviously it was a disappointing way to go about the trip, but it is good to be back.

On his reaction to the Troy Perkins trade

Troy Perkins is an unbelievable guy, with an unbelievable work ethic and it is sad to see him go. I think he is a fantastic goal keeper and a fantastic professional and also a good friend. It is definitely sad to see him go, but I think he will do well anywhere he goes. Everyone's been saying, with how he has performed for the last two years he is going to go to a new club and do for them what he did for us. I'm definitely sad to see him go and sad not to come out and train with him.

On the possibility of earning some time as the starting keeper

I have got to get myself healthy first. It has been a pretty crazy year with the way I have been going about it. I just want to get back here and start working hard and get myself healthy and get back to 100%. Then if I managed to get some game time this year, fantastic, I would definitely take that in my stride and go out there and do the best I can. Like I said, my main goal is just getting healthy.

On when he will be match fit

It's not too far away. Obviously, I did a little bit today, but I am moving about pretty good, I just have to be monitoring and make sure I don't do anything stupid.

On what Gavin said about the trade

We had a quick chat and he just told us. I've only been back for 24 hours, so it definitely came as a shock to me and I am still kind of getting my head around it now. We will find out more when Ricketts gets in, we will see how he fits in, but it was definitely a big shock for me coming in this morning and finding out that was going to happen.

On competing with Ricketts for playing time

Ricketts is a big time goalie and he is fantastic. He has been around the league for a while now, MLS Goalkeeper of the Year, and he is a good goalie. Like I said, for me it is not worrying about minutes, it is worrying about getting myself healthy, back on the training field, and just training really hard and getting back into the squad after being away for a month.

On what he knows about Ricketts

He is a big time player. He is six foot one million. He dwarfs me, which is tough to do, but he is a big game player and he pulls off the big saves and does well for himself. Good distribution. From what I have seen he is a good goalkeeper. He has got massive shoes to fill and there will be a lot of pressure on him coming in and I am sure that he will come in and do well.

He is a big boy. I don't know if you have ever seen him in person, but he is. Even I am looking up to him, which is a rare thing to see, so he is a big guy.

On how the trade will affect the team's leadership

Ricketts has been around a long time. He has played goalkeeper for many years. Obviously Troy was a big leader for us and he lead by example and I think that Ricketts will come in and do the same thing. It is his job, he has done it for many years, and he's shown that he can play at this level and be one of the best.

On what effect the trading Troy Perkins will have on the younger players on the team

That is the sport we play and the job we choose. We all know we can go any minute. That is just the way it is. We choose to play this game because we love it and that is kind of a part of it. It is never an easy thing to cope with but it is always there that that could happen. You just come in and you train hard and you play to the best of your ability. Troy has had a fantastic season and he is still going away. It is a hard job but it comes with the territory.

On his relationship with Perkins and how Ricketts compares

Troy is going to be hard to replace. He has helped me big time. I can't even begin to tell you how much he helped me just as a mentor, a guy on and off the field. It is a big shame to see him go. Ricketts will bring something new to training. I don't really know too much about him. I've only seen him play.