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Portland's Coaching search progressing faster than expected

When the Portland Timbers started their coaching search after letting John Spencer go, Merritt Paulson and Gavin Wilkinson were not expecting a decision to be made until sometime in the offseason. Things have progressed rapidly since then and there is a very real possibility of an announcement coming as early as September.

Merritt Paulson had this to say about the search:

It's been very smooth and very thorough. A ton of interest in the job. Faster than expected and might be able to announce something as soon as next month.

There have been a minimum of 7 candidates interviewed, all of whom were described as "great". According to Paulson, one clear front runner has emerged from those interviews . No word on who that might be but it looks as if the Timbers might be in the final stages and trying to finalize a contract.

Who do you think it might be?