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Introducing Stacey Neve, a new Stumptown Footy Writer

Welcome Stacey Neve to the Family!

Jonathan Ferrey - Getty Images

It's not every day that we get to introduce a new writer to the Stumptown Footy family so believe me when I say we are very thrilled to have Stacey join us to help give you guys the best possible Portland Timbers and MLS coverage here on Stumptown Footy. It takes a lot of work from us each and every week to do what we do and, while it would be easy to simply slack off a bit and let Stacey pick it up, we're instead having her work on new and exciting content heading into the off season.

In the immediacy, however, she'll be providing a very important service. One that we used to provide but sort of let drop as we focused on other things like daily training reports and the like. Starting this evening, Stacey will be re-introducing our MLS/Soccer-wide link dump. This will be a regular thing once every couple days as Stacey gets into the groove of things here, eventually she may decide to do more. Either way, it will be nice to have a gathering place for league news once again.

So, once again, let's welcome Stacey to the family. I know she's excited about being here, working with us and being a part of the community we've created here.