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Practice Report: Dealing With issues

I am filling in for William as he had to go to work directly from practice. Here are a few notes:

  • Training was for reserves only with Cam Vickers and trialist Pablo Di Fiori also included
  • Valencia is still not participating in full contact drills but is slowly adding more to his practice routine.
  • AJB was sidelined with a slight hamstring sprain
  • Gavin Wilkinson and Cameron Knowles were not at practice today, Cam is dealing with a family issue in New Zealand.
  • Di Fiori seems like he is fitting in better with the teams current system every time I see him.
  • Eric Brunner is playing with his head up. He isn't better than he was, but his play in practice shows how well he reads the game (and how much the team misses that).

(Check after the jump for a quick interview with Eric Brunner)

How did it feel to be back out on the road?

It was good, the little shenanigans that goes on on trips like that. It was fun to get back in the mix. I thought I may be called into action but Mosco was fine but it was good to get back in the swing of things and be there to support the team and root for them, help the out and what not.

Thoughts on Mosco and being prepared to go in:

Whenever my number is called upon I am going to come out and work as hard as I can. Just being smart and aware of the game, I saw him go down so I started warming up. Regardless of whether or not I had to go in or not I had to get there and be prepared whenever I need to be called.

Would you say you are back to 100% now?

Actually yeah, I am pretty closeI think we are doing the 90 as kind of our plan. I am feeling good, my touch, I feel is were it needs to be and just the way I read the game it's coming back, so it feels like normal again. I worked really hard, done a lot fitness so I felt good in the last reserve game and I felt like I could have went 90 which is good. I have only added fitness on top of that, so it will be a good test this Monday.

You think you will go 90 then?

Yeah, I plan on it. I think I am going to push it to the max and get the fitness out of it and what not. Yeah, I am excited.

What would it mean to you to be back to full fitness for the Seattle game?

It would be great. Obviously were going to tell a lot from this weekend's game but as long as I am pushing and scratching at the door obviously it would be amazing to come back and play in a Seattle Derby game like that. It would be a great welcome. I have had a lot of support from all the fans, which has been great, and running into people all the time asking how I am doing and I am telling them I am getting there. It is the Gaffer's decision and I am going to support whatever he decides but I hope I make it difficult for them to make that decision.