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Stumptown Footy is Evolving; SB Nation United 2.0

A few months ago, Stumptown Footy and the SB Nation blogs received a radical redesign. Now, we're aiming to continue to evolve the overall design based on feedback.

Some of you might be aware of this already considering SB Nation unveiled it a few days ago. Personally, I wanted to wait until today to let you guys know just because of the holidays. In any case, as the title says, very soon the Stumptown Footy website will be evolving based on feedback the SB Nation development team has been receiving and collecting in recent months.

Here is a picture of what SF will look like:


As you can see, it's not so much a radical redesign as it is a streamlining of what we've already accomplished with the big redesign a few months ago. Personally, I'm excited for a number of things, but I'll stick with the numbered points on the picture above for now:

1. Renewed emphasis on FanPosts and FanShots.

The new design, as pretty as it was, did one thing that I thought was a step backward: it made FanPosts and FanShots irrelevant. True enough, our own community interactions dropped significantly from our old design to the new. With this new design, you'll notice that both are given much more real estate on the site as well as placement in a traditional sidebar, as opposed to the wonky split we have now.

2. More featured story layout options.

The new design will include two additional story layout options that use less real estate and are more for daily use as opposed to truly featuring great content. We're always producing great content though so we'll see how often the new layouts are used.

3. The link bar the the top is now 100% focused on Stumptown Footy.

In the current design the most important link bar is dedicated to SB Nation's other properties. After the new design launches, it will change back to being about Stumptown Footy. This is important because the link bar at the top is very helpful is getting you guys to navigate around the site with ease. For those worried the SB Nation link bar is gone, a simple roll over of the SB Nation logo on the link bar temporarily restores it.

4. Log in bar pushed to the top.

Easy enough reason to see why. It's more visible and pushes non-story content to someplace where it can't get lost.

5. Community widget makes a return.

The old old design had a nice easy-to-use widget at the top that allowed users (and even myself) to quickly create a FanShot or FanPost. Well, it's now making its triumphant return. Those of you who used it a lot in the previous design should be fairly happy. I know I am.

6. One straight, long river of content.

One of my biggest complaints with the newest design was that the river was broken up, moving from left to right as you scrolled down. To me it looked chaotic and was difficult to follow. Well, I'm happy to report that the new river will slow like it should! Straight down the page on the left hand side.

So there you have it, the new NEW Stumptown Footy.

If you have comments, feedback, or concerns leave them in the comments here. The SB Nation development team will be monitoring all feedback and suggestions for the next evolution. And as you can see today... they really do listen.