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Portland Thorns Fans May Get Their Wish

The Thorns' twitter account hinted that Portland fans will be happy with player allocations.

Ronald Martinez

With the announcement of which players the Portland Thorns have been allocated coming out tomorrow teams are starting to hear rumblings about who they are getting. The Thorns' official twitter account tweeted this tweet out:

This could mean a lot of the ex-University of Portland players are coming or it could mean that Abby Wambach was allocated to the Thorns. The "Very Happy" could mean that it is even better and the soccer gods smiled on Portland and we got Morgan and Wambach! Just goes to show you that the Soccer City USA Moniker is well deserved, especially if the Timbers and Thorns are places the likes of Will Johnson and USWNT stars want to play for.

Who do you think they are referring to?