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Robbie Findley, Nottingham Forest Part Ways; Portland Timbers Reportedly Receive $75,000 for His Rights

A new report out of Nottingham Forest has confirmed that the two players have agreed to mutually terminate the contract.

Hunter Martin

Nottingham Forest took to its website this morning to announce that Robbie Findley and the club have agreed to mutually terminate the contract. This, effectively, has left Robbie Findley as a free agent in the rest of the world, or as a Portland Timbers player within the United States. However, seeing as how the Timbers are currently stacked with forwards at the moment, there would simply be no place for him here.

Enter last week's report by Ives Galarcep who stated that Real Salt Lake had acquired Findley's rights in exchange for allocation money. Seeing as how all the pieces are magically lining up, I'm inclined to believe him.

Galarcep took to his Twitter account, once again, to reveal more information with regards to the deal:

So in addition to the trade reportedly happening, we also have a dollar figure amount which is quite rare. If true, it would put into perspective a little bit just how much players are worth when transferring between clubs.

While nothing is confirmed yet, I would say to look for this to be happening very soon.

What do you think about Robbie Findley's future? Do you think the Timbers got enough money? Would you prefer he come play in Portland instead?