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Become Our New Portland Thorns FC Beat Writer!

Interested in writing for a professional media outlet? Now's your chance!

As many of you have probably noticed here on Stumptown Footy, we've been covering the Portland Thorns FC for the last few weeks. In fact, we've been covering them since before they were even officially announced! Seeing as how we're aiming to be THE site for Portland Thorns FC news and events (as well as our usual Portland Timbers coverage) we're looking to bring on a brand new writer (DEDICATED) to covering all things Portland Thorns FC.

Here are the details:

What am I applying for?

You will be the person here on Stumptown Footy covering the Portland Thorns. You will be our expert on the team and our go to writer for all things concerning the NWSL and Thorns FC news, previews, editorials and the like. You won't be alone, as myself and other Stumptown Footy writers will still contribute, but you will be 100% dedicated to the women's game here on this site.

This position will give you access to the games, players, coaches, and other opportunities to meet with the team and get to know them.

Your duties will include:

  • Attending games as a member of the media.
  • Attending trainings whenever possible.
  • Interviewing players.
  • Writing match previews, reviews and game threads.
  • Covering news, events, and writing editorials

It seems like more work than it really is and keep in mind that other SF editors will be helping.

Your expected average commitment will be around 3 articles per week. Previous online writing experience is a plus. Previous sports writing experience is a plus. Vast knowledge of the women's game is a plus.


The Portland Thorns FC joining the NWSL is big news to us here and our readers have clearly shown an interest in the team as well. Unfortunately, with the current MLS season ramping up and the US World Cup Qualifying matches coming soon, the current editors might get a little too busy. As such, we need to expand! This is where you come in to help us shore up our Thorns coverage!


Apply today! We'll be monitoring applications all week. We hope to begin doing "email backs" by next week at the earliest.


Prospective applicants MUST live within the Portland area and have access to get into Portland at will for games and media events. It's alright if you get too busy once in a while, but we can't have somebody living a hundred miles away and only physically able to get into Portland a couple times per year.


Easy, by filling out our handy application:


We're not really looking for resumes. Please use the extra comments section in the application for anything else you want to add which might bolster your application.

Regarding Compensation

Unfortunately, at this moment, we are unable to provide compensation. To be honest, none of us get paid regularly for doing this. There are a lot of benefits to this such as a press pass and being able to work within an exciting field, but if you absolutely need to get paid (to eat, pay rent, etc.) we can't do that.

We look forward to reading and reviewing each application as it comes in.

If you have ANY questions please use the comments below. We'll answer them as best as possible.