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Portland Timbers May Trade Back Into the MLS SuperDraft

With just 24 hours left to go until the MLS SuperDraft, the Portland Timbers front office seems to be examining the possibility of trading back in.

Jamie Squire

There's no question that, last month, when the Portland Timbers traded away both of their 2013 SuperDraft picks, that they raised a lot of questions from both fans and media pundits a like. After all, even if there's not much in the SuperDraft that you really need, it's a great marketing vessel. This year's top SuperDraft pciks will appear live on ESPN's SportsCenter, after all.

According to a recent article on, the first round pick trade was done in order to secure two players they otherwise wouldn't:

"I [Wilkinson] just felt and Caleb felt very strongly that we were able to acquire a few pieces that we wouldn't have been able to get in this year's draft. So we made the trades that we felt would benefit the group in 2013."

Despite that, they're still looking to see if they can get back into the draft at large, though where they end up -- first or second round -- seems ambiguous at best. Still Gavin Wilkinson was not beyond making a rather bold statement regarding trading back in:

"We're still looking to bring ourselves back into the draft."

In the end it all boils down to who they think is necessary to move the team forward. Clearly, back in December, far less was known about the current crop of players in this year's SuperDraft than is known now, even with Caleb Porter's vast knowledge on the college game.

"It really does come down to where our needs are, and if there is somebody that does impress us we'll look to get ourselves back involved. We've still got a couple spots open the way we see it moving forward, and we still have a couple more moves to make as well."

Would you like it if the Portland Timbers traded back into the MLS SuperDraft? How high would you want your pick and for what player?