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Merritt Paulson Teases Three Portland Timbers Moves This Week

Once again the Portland Timbers' owner and president and taken to Twitter to tease us all about what's in store for the club.

Tom Hauck

Merritt Paulson certainly isn't shy on Twitter these days. In fact, this off season alone he has taken to Twitter a number of times to tease and hint at possible movements within the Portland Timbers organization. Today, the owner and president of the Timbers has once again taken to teasing his followers:

Now the term "moves" could mean more than just trades. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he specifically used that term because this doesn't necessarily include trading. After all, it was only last week that he teased the Jose Adolfo Valencia deal should be completed soon. Depending on the deal struck between the Portland Timbers, El Trencito and his former Colombian club it could be something else entirely.

Additionally, there's still that whole SuperDraft thing that's coming up tomorrow. Gavin Wilkinson has already gone on record saying they're examining the possibility of getting back in.

Regardless, the next couple weeks will certainly prove to be an interesting affair.

What do you think Merritt Paulson was hinting at?