Timbers stuck with an adidas template kit for the next two years?

The adidas decision makers send Portland a cloned product?

The inaugural MLS-Timbers kit was a work of fine detail and devotion to Timbers heritage and fan following. The Rose City Red kit was a great nod of tying the team to the city it plays in. The Rose City badge is an impressive icon that is smooth and hopefully enduring. I had really hoped that the two-tone kits with white sleeves would be the distinctive mark of Timbers kits forever. Any time the team was on TV it would only take moments to see it is the Timbers on the field.

Judging by leaked photos the Portland Timbers have been granted the privilege that their newest kit is only an adidas template. Nothing distinctive about it. Original only to adidas at large and used by many different teams. I really thought the North America HQ for adidas in Portland would account for something. Below is the template. The next photo is the first leaked photos of the Timbers kit. Another, but less professional photo, popped up on this BigSoccer thread the other day (I will point out the photo in the thread shows more detail than below, like the "V" extension of the collar and the "Stand Together" on the inside of it). The name of the template is "Campeon".


And the leaked photo.


One has to also ask: Is this a throwback to the Colorado Rapids inaugural season? [Back row second from the left]


I'm personally disappointed with the direction it appears the Timbers design squad has taken (if anyone with the Timbers FO had any design choice at all given to them). Are there any out there that like this kit redesign? And the new kit is coming very soon, n'est-ce pas?

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