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Rumor: Portland Timbers Buy Out Kris Boyd's Contract

According to the Portland Timbers have reportedly bought out the remainder of Kris Boyd's contract.

Jonathan Ferrey

Well here's a big rumor for you guys to digest during the MLS SuperDraft. According to Ives Galarcep, who has been right on a number of occasions, has just announced that the Portland Timbers have bought out the remainder of Kris Boyd's contract and the two have parted ways. Such a move would be a monumental shift away from how the Portland Timbers looked this time last year.

All in all, while entirely unconfirmed, this move would make a lot of sense for the Portland Timbers. Caleb Porter recently took revealed to the press that he doesn't see how Boyd will fit in with the 2013 squad and that it would be very hard for him to make the starting XI. As such it makes complete sense for the Portland Timbers to free up cap space, an international roster spot, and a designated player spot.

No word yet on how much money it cost the Portland Timbers and we'll likely never know if this rumor turns out to be true. Still, it frees up a lot of weight.

This is not yet confirmed by the Portland Timbers so please take it with a grain of salt.

What do you think of this latest development?

UPDATE: Geoffrey C. Arnold of the Oregonian confirmed this trade via Twitter. Still unconfirmed by the Portland Timbers though.