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Portland Thorns FC Get Final Pick in NWSL College Draft

The NWSL has released the pick order for the NWSL College Draft and the Portland Thorns FC has received the last pick.

The NWSL released the draft pick order for tomorrow's NWSL College Draft and it appears that the Portland Thorns FC will be the very last team to choose. According to the press release, a panel of experts created the pick order which was agreed upon by all eight NWSL clubs.

Here's the exact draft order:

  1. Chicago Red Stars
  2. Washington Spirit
  3. FC Kansas City
  4. Sky Blue FC (New York/New Jersey)
  5. Boston Breakers
  6. Western New York Flash
  7. Seattle Reign FC
  8. Portland Thorns FC

This probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise, however, given how well the Thorns FC made out in the allocation draft. It seemed only right that teams with lesser known national team players at least get a higher pick in the college draft. Still, with the Portland Timbers getting such a low SuperDraft pick today and the Portland Thorns FC getting a low pick in the NWSL College Draft tomorrow, it's kind of a bummer no exciting up and coming youngsters will be joining either team.

For those wondering how the draft will play out tomorrow here are the details:

The draft will consist of four rounds with each team receiving three minutes to make a selection in the first two rounds, and five minutes to make a selection in the final two rounds. After the first round is completed the order will remain the same for the following three rounds, with Chicago selecting first to start each round.

Tomorrow's draft takes place at 9:00am ET tomorrow so we'll update you guys on the picks after the draft is complete.

Are you expecting any exciting players to join the Portland Thorns FC tomorrow?