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NWSL College Draft: Portland Thorns FC Draft Kathryn Williamson For Its First Pick, Three Others

The Portland Thorns FC drafted Kathryn Williamson, a defender out of the University of Florida, for its first ever NWSL College Draft.

As expected, the Portland Thorns FC added four players to their roster this morning by way of the NWSL College Draft. Unfortunately, there seem to be very few pictures taken during the event so we're kind of scrambling at the moment to get some photos of any of the players that the Thorns FC drafted.

The Thorns' first draft pick went to Kathryn Williamson, a defender out of the University of Florida. According to the UF website, her accolades include:

  • 2010 & 2011 All-American
  • 2010 & 2011 All-SEC First Team
  • 2010 SEC Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2009 SEC All-Freshman Team

Certainly not a bad defensive player to have on your team. Hopefully with the help of Rachel Buehler, she'll become a great starting defender this season.

The Thorns other draftees included:

  • Nicolette Radovic - Forward
  • Amber Brooks - Midfielder
  • Roxanne Barker - Goalkeeper

Interestingly enough, of the four players drafted by the Portland Thorns FC this morning, only Roxanne Barker has been left off the official roster as of now. This could just be an oversight by the Thorns web staff, or it could mean that Barker's place on the team is not yet guaranteed.

UPDATE: Roxanne Barker has now been added.

[We will update this article with a picture of the draftees just as soon as we're able to find one.]

What do you think of the Thorns first ever draft picks?