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Rumor: Portland Timbers to Sign Defender Ryan Miller from Halmstad

The latest rumor from Ives Galarcep points to the Portland Timbers signing Ryan Miller out of Swedish club Halmstad.

Jeff Vinnick

According to a tweet by Ives Galarcep, the Portland Timbers look to be lining up a trade for Ryan Miller, a former MLS defender who has since been plying his trade in Sweden with Halmstad. And no, we're obviously not talking about the Ryan Miller.

Such a move would make plenty of sense for the Timbers and would not be entirely unexpected given Merritt Paulson's recent tweet about signing a veteran right back and our own sources confirming that such a trade is happening very soon. It also appears that Halmstad used Ryan Miller in that right back position, according to their own starting XI line ups.

If true, I have a hard time seeing Miller not immediately take the starting right back position for the Portland Timbers. Given that the current prospects include Jack Jewsbury, who was alright at the position, two players who aren't traditionally seen as right backs (Sal Zizzo, Brent Richards) and a rookie who needs a year or so of development time (Ryan Kawulok), Miller seems to be the natural choice.

As always, however, nothing is confirmed by this. It just makes an incredible amount of sense.

What do you think of Ryan Miller possibly being the Timbers new right back?