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Portland Thorns FC Supporters Group

The grass roots effort to create a supporters group for the Portland Thorns is under way.

Stanley Chou

Yesterday, the first official Portland Thorns Supporters Group meeting occurred. Luke Fritz tweeted this out last night.

Shortly after this a new twitter account was created calling itself "The Red Tide" and stating it was the official supporters group for the Thorns. After asking Luke for clarification, he stated that the "Red Tide" name was in the running but that he felt it was facetious. One would hope so because of what "Red Tide" sometimes refers to when used as a slang term, hint think something that occurs monthly.

Luke also mentioned there would be a survey sent out to help determine the name of the Thorns' supporters group. The tweet with the link to the survey was just posted today. Here is the link and the names in the running:


Names in the running:

  • Red Tide
  • Rose City Rebellion
  • Rose Corps
  • Rose Guardians
  • SubRosa
You can also write in your own name. What do you think of the names? Do you have one not listed?