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Who Else Should Be Cut or Traded Away from the Current Timbers Squad?

With Mike Fucito having been traded away and Kris Boyd rumored to not be coming back, what other players are not necessary for the Portland Timbers in 2013?

Jeff Vinnick

Currently the Portland Timbers have 30 players on their roster, including Kris Boyd who has not yet been confirmed as leaving the team. This presents a unique challenge for any General Manager or Head Coach because the MLS roster limits are 30 for each team. So, if the Portland Timbers want to add more players, get more depth, or generally improve the squad beyond what they have now, they'll need to free up more space.

Of course, if Boyd does leave that brings them down to 29, which leaves room for the seasoned right back veteran we've heard so much about. Still, that doesn't leave space for multiple other players and positions that we've reported on in the past:

  1. Is Jonathan Bornstein coming back?
  2. The Timbers still need a stronger CB.
  3. What about that high allocation pick? (Note: Bornstein would not occupy this pick.)

So, with that said, who should be cut, bought out, or traded away in order to make room for any of these players, or any other positions that you feel the Portland Timbers still need to make?

It's my opinion that Eric Alexander is one potential target for a trade. While he didn't get much playing time in 2012, I think his natural talent is fairly clear, leaving him with a bit of value attached to his name for a trade. An unfortunate trade to make, but with the current midfield options it would appear he's slid even further down the depth charts.

Additionally, I'm not entirely sure why Chris Taylor is still on this team. Granted he was out with injury for pretty much all of 2012, but he didn't see any time in 2011 either. In fact, he's not played a single minute for the regular season squad. Maybe there's something we don't know about him, but his continued presence on the team is a mystery to me.

Who do you think should be cut or traded away in order to make more room available for incoming players?