Ryan Miller, what the Halmstad BK fans say, and videos

You can find the Swedish press has already broken the story. And Merritt Paulson welcomed. I'll leave it to the Stumptown Footy writers to talk about the breaking news. I was looking for the fan perspective over in Sweden. I already reported what I could find on a forum about Ryan Miller last week. You can read that here.

In the same forum I left a message that Ryan Miller was linked to the Portland Timbers as reported by Ives Galarcep since the Swedes hadn't picked up on it, and asked what they thought of him and his move to MLS. Among the responses they wrote the following:

Miller is very good. Was among the best [on Halmstad BK] last year and missed at best one match. The Portland Timbers will not be disappointed. He is a big loss for us. -balvin

I don't really know the level of MLS but suspect that the "big" teams are of high quality. Ryan had done well in Superettan [Swedish Division 2] for HBK. However I am sure he would be able to play at Allsvensk [Division 1] quality. In all honesty he was not especially good with the chances he had in Allsvenskan. Accordingly HBK's team feels he is not for Allsvenkan, so I am doubtful if he would play well against the better competition in MLS. He has shown us quite a bit, but I seriously hope he succeeds because he is a great guy. -76799700

pb- responds to the last comment

Naw, I well believe that Ryan would land in Allsvenskan. Even if he is not some top player. But that HBK's team feels he is not Allsvenskan quality? In 2010 he played 26 matches, 17 in 2011. I don't believe he made a fool of himself. -pb

And lastly:

Ryan Miller had a very good season offensively on a top team [in Superettan]. If Portland has him in their plans it may be just fine. -JonasL

And now for some videos of his work in the Swedish Superettan. Two assists, with one decent cross.

A more Ryan Miller specific video posted last May.

And another skills video from the same poster (his agent I presume):

Make of this signing what you will, but he was able to earn some professional experience in Sweden and is coming off a successful season after not being able to hold down a position in MLS.

Welcome Ryan Miller! Excited that you were not named Diego with the surname of Johnson.

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