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NWSL Rosters Set at 20 Players Per Club; Plus More Info

According to the news site The Equalizer, each NWSL roster will be limited to 20 players each.

The Equalizer, a news site cover all manners of the women's game, has revealed some additional information about the upcoming NWSL league and the nitty-gritty of each team's roster. According to them, each team's roster will be limited to only 20 players, though I wouldn't be surprised if a maximum of 22 was allowed. Here's how it will all work out:

First, the NWSL will seemingly have some sort of artificial "free agency" where in each team can sign four. These four players will act as "discovery players" that the team has identified and can not be on the list for the supplemental draft.

Additionally, each team can sign up to two international players who are not of American, Canadian or Mexican citizenship. I don't know for certain, but I'm assuming most of these types of players would be signed as "free agents" and not through the supplemental draft.

After that, the remaining roster spots will be filled by the supplemental draft. The article says that each team gets to pick 8-10 players, but after the free agency it would appear that only 5 spots for each team would remain (6 for the Western New York Flash). Which would mean that either each team will have to dismiss a few players, or that the roster size is actually a little higher at 22-24. The Equalizer states that it is the former.

No telling just when this all will go down, sow e'll have to play yet another game of wait and see.

What do you think of the next process for acquiring players in the NWSL?