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MLS Supplemental Draft Begins at 11:00am; Who Will the Timbers Pick?

The 2013 MLS Supplemental Draft is getting ready to kick off at 11:00am, but are there any future Portland Timbers players in the mix?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While the Supplemental Draft has and probably always will be considered the ugly sibling when compared to the MLS SuperDraft, it's certainly not without its own merits. Several players throughout the draft's history have been selected in it and are now considered to be some of MLS's best players. Take for example Chris Wondolowski, Jeff Larentowicz, and Dan Kennedy. All three are considered to be top MLS-caliber players and all three came from the 2005 MLS Supplemental Draft.

Today, we see if the Portland Timbers can hit on that kind of magic. Last year, their first two picks yielded them Ryan Kawulok in the first round and Miguel Ibarra in the second. As we know Kawulok is a up and coming right back for the Timbers and, while Portland didn't hang on to him, Ibarra did go on to find success in the NASL with Minnesota. As a young player, don't be surprised if he pops back up into MLS some day.

The Portland Timbers currently have the third pick in each of the four rounds. We'll have ana rticle shortly after the draft with each of the picks. In the meantime, feel free to use this post for commentary.

What are you expecting out of the draft? Depth? Diamond in the rough type player?