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Rumor: Franck Songo'o sends a goodbye tweet?

Negotiations between Portland and Songo'o may have failed.


Over the last few months there have been little bits of information which have surfaced concerning Songo'o and Portland's desire to rework his current contract. Confirmation of the negotiations came when Songo'o was absent from training for the first two days and the only explanation given was:

Kris Boyd and Franck Songo'o were both still out of camp as both are in discussions with the team over their status.

Then to add to all of that there was this possible goodbye tweet from Songo'o:

We still have no confirmation from the team other than they what they told William during the first two days of preseason trainings. The adage that "(insert sport) is a business" most assuredly applies in this situation.

If Songo'o does not return this will free up one international roster spot and some cap room.

What do you think? Disappointed to see Franck go?

*shout out to Tylerhayer18 and others who pointed this out*