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Cascadia Cup Trademark Update: The Council and MLS Have Spoken

According to a press release issue yesterday evening, the Cascadia Cup Council and MLS have officially spoken with regards to the trademark.

Steve Dykes

Last week during the MLS SuperDraft, one reporter had asked Don Garber about the trademark dispute between MLS and the Cascadia Cup supporters groups. It was an unfortunate time to ask him at all concerning the focus of the day really should have stayed with the guys who were being drafted. What was even more unfortunate was Garber's response.

The end result of the article was, yet again, a group of rightfully angry supporters in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver who felt like the league was subverting something they created.

Today it appears as if we have moved in the opposite direction a little bit with the Cascadia Cup Council issuing this short press release:

Portland, OR., Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA. - January 22, 2013 -The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver had a productive and respectful conference call with Major League Soccer's representatives that opened important dialogue. The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver look forward to working with MLS to resolve this issue. The Cascadia Cup Council continues to believe that it is well positioned to represent the interests of the Cascadia Cup trademark and the supporters who created it.

Naturally, we don't know the full extent of the conversation, but seeing as how they're classifying it as "productive" then it should mean good news. After all, if what we're all working for is a return of the Cascadia Cup trademark, then it seems like that "productive" first conversation certainly worked towards that.

We'll be keeping tabs on this as it plays out.