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Portland Thorns FC Surpass 5,000 Season Ticket Holder Deposits; Ticket Pricing to be Released Later Today

Merritt Paulson confirmed the amount of deposits via Twitter.

Taking to Twitter once again, Merritt Paulson has confirmed that the Portland Thorns FC has surpassed an impressive 5,000 in season ticket deposits. This amount is now more than the 2010 season for the Portland Timbers when they were in their final year of the USL.

Here is his tweet:

Of course, as we've said before, season ticket deposits do not necessarily translate into season ticket holders. The pricing of the tickets will probably hold a lot of sway over whether many of these people eventually make the jump. Luckily it appears that information will be revealed later today.

If it's anything like Seattle Reign's ticket pricing, which was unveiled yesterday, it looks like the lowest season ticket pricing bracket could be $195, or $15 per game. Not bad considering that most Portland Timbers season tickets are well above $300.

What price would convince you to purchase Thorns season tickets?