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Portland Thorns FC Season Tickets Start as Low as $9 Per Game

The price for Portland Thorns FC games in the first year will be considerably lower than the Portland Timbers.

Good news! After unveiling earlier today that the Portland Thorns FC had surpassed 5,000 season ticket holder deposits, it appears as if the Portland Thorns have every intention of converting each one of those deposits into actual season ticket holders.

According to the website, the Portland Thorns season ticket prices will start as low as $9 per game for those buying season ticket packages ($99). Here is the full price break down:

  • Key Bank Club - $242 per season
  • Touchline Reserved - $165 per season
  • General Admission - $99 per season

Very reasonable all around. Individual game tickets start at $12 for GA and go as high as $30 per game for the Key Bank Club. Interestingly enough, one area is completely closed off to season tickets. My guess is those areas will be heavily marketed towards individual game ticket buyers.

All and all, today's pricing unveil is far better than I expected. I thought the low end would be around $15. Hopefully this convinces many more to buy into Season Tickets.

Here's the full ticket pricing flier:


[Portland Thorns FC Tickets]

What do you think of this pricing? Are you planning on buying season tickets?