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Mike Fucito Appreciation Thread

A former fan favorite of our arch enemy, Mike Fucito actually ended up bringing a lot of hard work ethic to the club.


Mike Fucito was, perhaps, an easy target for some. While many of the fans seemed to embrace him fairly easily, he was always going to be judged extra hard based on his origins in MLS: the Seattle Sounders. That judgement perhaps came to a head when the Portland Timbers played against the Seattle Sounders in Seattle.

But let's ignore all that and focus on his work ethic on the field. While he was never a true starter, there was something enjoyable about watching Fucito come on late in the second half. In some ways, he was the Sal Zizzo of the forward position. Technically, he left a lot to be desired, but he was able to consistently run the opposing team ragged with his high levels of energy. Despite not scoring any goals, I don't doubt that his constant energy up top was able to help others get around the back four to either level or win the game for the Timbers.

Good luck in San Jose, Mike.

What will you miss most about Mike Fucito?