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Franck Songo'o Joins Dynamo Training Camp

Per a tweet from Dynamo Theory, Franck Songo'o showed up in Houston's training camp today.

Jonathan Ferrey

Just a few days after Franck Songo'o tweeted his goodbye and Caleb Porter confirmed that he was no longer with the Timbers, the midfielder has turned up in another MLS training camp. Dynamo Theory posted the following earlier today:

It is pretty unsurprising that other teams in the league would be interested in getting a good look at Songo'o, and with his younger brother Yann Songo'o recently signing with Sporting Kansas City, it also comes as no surprise that Franck would want to stick around MLS.

Although the Timbers and the Dynamo will not play each other, both teams will be in Arizona for the upcoming Desert Friendlies and it will be interesting to see if Songo'o joins them there. I am trying not to get carried away imagining a nightmare scenario in which Songo'o and Eric Brunner join Adam Moffat in becoming standout players for Houston.

What do you think of this development? Happy to see Franck getting a look from perennial MLS Cup contender? Scared to see what he might be able to do playing for a better team?