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Portland Timbers 2012 Player Rankings Recap

A recap of Stumptown's 2012 rankings of all the Portland Timbers, with all of the editor's rankings included.

Jeff Vinnick

Now that the countdown is over and we have revealed all of our rankings, let's revisit the rankings briefly before looking forward to what the roster may look like in 2013. Each of the editors ranked the players based on their own ranking system, according to their own interpretation of the query, "Rank the 2012 Portland Timbers." No directions on what to base the ranking on -- just a rank in whatever way felt appropriate. Not exactly scientific, but a fun exercise nonetheless.

The goal was to go through the roster and decide whether or not said player is a fit for the team -- or if they were no longer on the team, whether it was a good trade/release. Here is a summary of how the players ended up:

Player Rank Player Rank
1 Darlington Nagbe 19 Joe Bendik
2 Franck Songo'o 20 Rodney Wallace
3 Diego Chara 21 Brent Richards
4 Steven Smith 22 Jake Gleeson
5 David Horst 23 Futty Danso
6 Hanyer Mosquera 24 Sebastian Rincon
7 Eric Brunner 25 Kosuke Kimura
8 Kris Boyd 26 Ryan Kawulok
9 Kalif Alhassan 27 Mike Fucito
10 Troy Perkins 28 Charles Renken
11 Jack Jewsbury 29 Mike Chabala
12 Eric Alexander 30 Steve Purdy
13 Bright Dike 31 Ian Hogg
14 Danny Mwanga 32 Freddie Braun
15 Sal Zizzo 33 Jorge Perlaza
16 Jose Adolfo Valencia 34 Lovel Palmer
17 Andrew Jean Baptiste 35 Chris Taylor
18 Donovan Ricketts 36 James Marcelin

Here are the individual editors' rankings:

Obviously there's a wide range of opinion on some of these, even among just the five of us. If you have questions about why someone gave a player a certain rank, feel free to ask; if you disagree, please tell us why. If you have the time and feel so inclined, go ahead and give us your own ranked list of the 36 players in the comments.