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Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn Dons Timbers Jersey for the Holidays

After losing a bet to Portland mayor Sam Adams, the Seattle mayor was forced to wear a Portland Timbers jersey over the holidays.

It wasn't all fun and games up in Seattle over the holidays for their mayor as he was forced to wear a Portland Timbers jersey in order to pay a bet owed to our own former Portland mayor: Sam Adams. The bet was that the Seattle Sounders would win last year's Cascadia Cup challenge. Obviously they did not and hence we see the Seattle mayor donning what is arguably a much better looking jersey.

Those of you who followed the team in 2011, however, will remember that mayor Adams had to don a Seattle Sounders jersey after the Timbers failed to win the Cascadia Cup in 2011, so it's not been an easy road thus far.

Still, I really like these friendly bets with each city's mayor. Obviously, with mayor Adams recently departing office here in Portland it will be interesting to see if current mayor Charlie Hales is up for a similar bet for the upcoming season. We'll see...