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SB Nation Videos: The MLS Transfer Window Part 1

SB Nation has just put out a new video which focuses on the recent transfer window craziness behind many of the Portland Timbers rivals... and the Timbers themselves.

Been wondering what some of the other teams are up to lately? Well then look no farther than SB Nation's own video service as SB Nation Soccer editor Ryan Roseblatt takes a look at the transfer window moves of many of the Portland Timbers biggest rivals, as well as Portland themselves.

Of particular note should be the segments on the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders. According to Ryan, neither team has filled areas where prominent players are now missing: David Beckham for LA and Fredy Montero for Seattle.

Additionally, for those interested in the sideshow that is Toronto FC's front office, Ryan breaks down what's happening north of the border... it's quite entertaining.

Hopefully as the season goes on, we'll be able to get more of these kinds of videos out of SB Nation concerning MLS. While I know you all enjoy reading what we have every day, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch some news as well.

What do you guys think of the moves some of the other teams are making?