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Rumor: Kris Boyd to Panathinaikos in Greece Falls Through Because MLS Owes Him Money

The Kris Boyd saga has seemingly turned sour.

Jonathan Ferrey

A report out of a seemingly legitimate Twitter account by the name of Greek Football (@greekfooty) has claimed that a deal to bring the Portland striker to Greek powerhouse Panathinaikos has been scuppered due to an on-going dispute over MLS owing Boyd more money.

Here's the exact tweet:

Whether or not this is true is really the big question here. We don't know and, given the secrecy that MLS has with player contracts and negotiations, we probably won't ever know. Still it would certainly explain why nothing has come from those talks he has been having with the Portland Timbers in a few weeks.

This turn of events would not be entirely uncharacteristic of Kris Boyd, however, as those who were with us last year will remember that he joined Portland from Turkish side Eskişehirspor with a similar dispute with that club. He eventually won over 3 million pounds from them, lending a bit of weight behind his accusation.

Again, take this with a grain of salt. As far as we're concerned this is just a rumor. Would be nice to get some clarification on what's happening with Boyd though.