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Portland Thorns FC Top 3,500+ Season Ticket Deposits

While very little money has actually exchanged hands so far, it is looking like the Portland Thorns FC are going to be the front runners of the 2013 NWSL campaign in terms of attendance.

Another tweet by Merritt Paulson has given us more details with regards to how the Portland Thorns FC season ticket deposites are coming along. According to Paulson the club is now sitting at over 3,500 deposits for the 2013 season. This is an impressive number by itself, but made even more impressive by the fact that it was only two weeks ago that it was announced they surpassed 2,000 season ticket deposits.

Here is the tweet in full:

Your unofficial @ThornsFC Season Tix deposit tracker: 3,500+. that's w/o players & pricing announced (hopefully both will elicit increase..)

And indeed he does have a point. No pricing and no players have yet been announced for the 2013 squad. And with both likely to be very favorable to Portland soccer fans (Abby Wambach anyone?) there's no reason to doubt that the season ticket deposits will increase as we get closer to that April kick-off date.

All this good news aside, however, it should be noted that these are refundable deposits and, in many of these cases, not even a real deposit so to say, but rather a voice of interest from a Portland Timbers season ticket holder who is not required to lay down the deposit. So while this is all good news and all, this shouldn't be confused with actual season ticket sales.

Are you impressed with the pace at which the Portland Thorns FC are able to get season ticket deposits?