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What More Do the Portland Timbers Need for a Successful 2013?

After bringing in Will Johnson, Ryan Johnson, and Milos Kocic, what else do the Timbers need to add and where?

Steve Dykes

With the Diego Valeri deal pretty much all but confirmed at this point, it pretty much fills the need for the creative attacking midfielder we've all been begging for since 2011. Tie that in with the recent acquisitions of Ryan Johnson, Will Johnson and Milos Kocic and you can already see a remarkably different squad than in 2012, especially in the midfield.

Despite this, however, the Portland Timbers are certainly not done. In 2012 we saw players joining the squad as late as April and I'm sure we'll see at least a handful of maneuvers at some point during the transfer season. So, with that said, we want to know:

What else do you think the Portland Timbers need to have a successful 2013 season?

Personally, I'm still looking at that defensive back line with some doubt. Aside from Michael Harrington being added to the squad I fail to see where it's gotten any better. In fact, without Steven Smith joining the team for the 2013 season, I'm even more worried. I expect David Horst to have a banner year, but everybody else is a big question mark.

What do you think the Timbers need? Who would you add?