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Rangers Captain, Lee McCulloch, Wants Rangers to Re-Sign Kris Boyd, Steven Smith

With Kris Boyd and Steven Smith currently training with Rangers, the current captain apparently has gone on record as being an advocate for both of their re-signing to the squad.

Steve Dykes

According to a report out of Sky Sports, the current Rangers captain, Lee McCulloch, is keen on his team re-signing the likes of Portland Timbers man Kris Boyd as well as recent Timbers player Steven Smith, as well as current Vancouver Whitecaps players, Kenny Miller. All three have reportedly been training with the Scottish side during the MLS off-season and would presumably be players who would be helpful in not only marketing power, but also in getting Rangers back to the Scottish Premier League after the club went into administration.

Of course, this signing would have huge repercussions for the current Timbers squad, probably in a good way. No offense to Kris Boyd as I have no doubt he is a great striker. Some of the stuff we saw last year proved he's got a keen eye for the net. Still, with the old head coach out and a new one in, this changes up the tactics considerably. It's likely that if he sticks around in 2013 he will only play because of the high price tag attached to his name and not because Caleb Porter sees him as a valuable asset.

Obviously, this is not even a rumored deal merely just the wishings of Rangers' current captain. Still, if the Portland Timbers could get out from under Boyd's heavy price tag, it would be one more bit of good news ahead of the 2013 season.

At the very least, I hope Steven Smith lands at the club. He's performance in Portland made the 2012 season not quite as terrible as it could have been and I would like to see him rewarded for it.

Would you like to see the Portland Timbers reach a deal to sell Kris Boyd to Rangers? How much would you want for him?