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Paulson: Designated Player Announced this Week, Trencito Deal Done in 24 Hours, A New Trade to be Announced

Merritt Paulson has taken to Twitter to announce a series of deals that the Timbers should be completing within the next few days.

Otto Greule Jr

Ever the popular Twitter-teaser, Merritt Paulson certainly didn't disappoint with his latest 140-character spiel. According to Paulson an announcement for a Designated Player, a deal regarding Jose Adolfo Valencia (aka El Trencito) and a new trade will all be done this week at some point.

Here was his exact tweet:

Caleb is at 10:30AM PST today; our new DP will be announced later this week; Trencito also will be completed in 24 hrs; trade as well...

The new Designated Player is likely to be the 1-year loan deal for Argentine Diego Valeri. This has probably been one of the Portland Timbers' worst kept secrets over the last few days, with even his former club Lanus, confirming he's been in Portland for his medical examination.

The Trencito deal is largely to be expected and could possibly be a reworking of his former deal to bring him down to a level where he is NOT a designated player. The only other option would be to see Kris Boyd leave the club since the Timbers already have the maximum 3 DPs allowed by the league. Despite the Rangers captain wanting Boyd, my guess is he'll continue to stick around throughout 2013.

Finally, Paulson hinted that a new trade would be completed this week. For who and for what? We have no idea. Still, there are a number of players we can imagine being traded like Mike Fucito or Eric Alexander, both of whom have a bit of value still attached to their names.

What do you think of these latest developments?