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Report: Mix Diskerud Likely to Sign with Rosenborg BK

According to Soccer By Ives, citing a Norwegian site, Mix Diskerud is close to a deal to stay with Norwegian side Rosenborg BK.

Kevork Djansezian

Another one from Soccer by Ives today: Mix Diskerud, whom some news sites had considered a nearly definite Portland Timbers acquisition, is close to a deal with the Norwegian team he played with in 2012, Rosenborg.

The article, and reportedly also Diskerud, did throw a bone to Portland fans.

Diskerud has, however, said that he could still join the Timbers if a deal with Rosenborg falls through.

But even the inclusion of such a caveat is a sign that Rosenborg is very much in the driver's seat.

The report brings us closer to a conclusion around the roller-coaster of rumors Timbers fans went through in December. Soccer by Ives, as well as Timbers Insider, had reported that a deal between Diskerud and the Timbers was very close, and hints from Merritt Paulson on Twitter seemed to support the rumors' validity.

But the rumors unraveled just as quickly.

Diskerud had been seen as a potential starter in an attacking midfield role, a position the team has had trouble solidifying. But now with the rumored loan deal to Argentine Diego Valeri to Portland, Mix's role with the team, if he were somehow to join, would be less assured.

One definite benefit, if he does re-sign with Rosenborg, is that we won't have to endure a constant stream of "Mix" puns.

What do you all think about this news?

Thanks to zagman07 for originally posting the link.