Im a little confused as to why no one is talking about adding Paul Addo as a left back this january. a lot has happened since he trialed with the portland timbers and i can see how this slips under the radar of all the recent news. the most recent article is from january 7th and it states he thinks there is a 50% chance now that this move happens.

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nov.8 2012

"Paul has applied for a visa, and are scheduled to travel over as soon as it is granted. Hopefully, it happens in a few days, confirming agent Atta Aneke.

Missing wife and son

"Then he shall primarily over to talk to the Club, look at the circumstances and also present live. They've seen him several times on DVD, and like it has ever seen. So it is not a normal trial.

It's not that long ago that Beacon wrote about 22-year-old misses his wife and 6-month-old son, who is living on the other side of the Atlantic — in Canada. Specifically, Edmonton.

"It's obviously a lot for Paul to say that he is coming closer to them, and that he thus has the opportunity to see them more often, Aneke long explains.

-Similar to level

That Emil Jonassen is preferred at left-back, making such a decision easier.

– Of course it plays into the decision to travel.

– How will the condition of a player like Addo in MLS Club, do you think?

"I believe that the level is quite similar to what it is in the Norwegian elite League, except for the very large stars."


jan. 7 2013

"Addo uncertain

Defender Paul Addo is no longer even sure whether there will be a United States fairytale.

In november, the beacon that was going to the United States ghaneseren to look at conditions in the MLS Club Portland Timbers, who play in the Western Conference.

It was first postponed because Portland came to the playoffs and did not want to look at next year's record before the season was out of the way.

"Hopefully, I'm going over in the middle of the month, but currently it is not entirely certain. I would say that there is a 50 percent chance now, "said left-back, who initially wanted the United States because he misses his wife and son."


These are both from a norwegian website:

a left-back/kalif connection? id like to see it.

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