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Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders Prediction Thread

The Timbers take on the team from the fishing village to the north tonight. What will happen?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Tonight is the Portland Timbers vs. the Seattle Sounders. The most bitter rivals in American soccer just happen to come together as they compete for the Supporter's Shield and the lead in the Western Conference. The only way this game could be more important is if it came in the playoffs.

Form may mean nothing in a derby game, but let's make some guesses regardless!

Make sure to get your predictions in before the game tonight. Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • Who will score the goals.
  • When the goals will be scored.

Then don't forget the DDugan Line-up Prediction Challenge. Here is what we want for that one:

  • Who is in the starting eleven.
  • Who is on the bench.
  • What substitutions will be made.

Finally, give us your best shot at what Caleb Porter will be wearing on the sidelines in the RCTIDnomatterwhat Sartorial Showdown. For that one, give us:

  • What Caleb Porter will be wearing at the start of the game.
  • What Caleb Porter will be wearing at the end of the game.

With all of these, the more specific the better.

Here are last week's winners:

  • RCTIDnomatterwhat was the first person to correctly call the 2-2 scoreline, also predicting that Camilo Sanvezzo would score a "golazo after some simulaçao", at least half of which is correct.
  • efilnikufsin had an excellent description of Will Johnson's goal (and was only off by two minutes on the timing and the identity of the assist provider), saying "’75 A PTFC attack stalls just inside the 18, Valeri with his 360 degree vision, spots a charging WJ and neatly lays the ball off, just outside the melee in the box."
  • DDugan's significent came closest to properly calling Porter's attire on the night, saying "Porter comes out dressed as Omar from The Wire, complete with body armor and sawed-off shotgun under the trenchcoat. When the game starts he says ‘here come Porter’, and when the Timbers score he says ‘Oh, inDEED.’"

Kickoff is at 6:00, so open up your third eye to the truth of the universe bright and early today. In case you need a hand though, here are our game preview, preview interview, and most recent training report.