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Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders Player Ratings: The Results

The Portland Timbers moved into first place but did the players earn high marks?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

I apologize for the lateness of these results, my life outside of Stumptown Footy has been a little overwhelming. Thanks for being understanding.

Vancouver Whitecaps Ratings

Donovan Ricketts - 8.9

Futty Danso - 6.5

Michael Harrington - 6.2

Pa Madou Kah - 6.5

Jack Jewsbury - 5.6

Will Johnson - 6.6

Diego Chara - 6.75

Kalif Alhassan - 5.1

Darlington Nagbe - 8.1

Rodney Wallace - 5.4

Maximiliano Urruti - 6.5

Diego Valeri - 5.3

Jose Valencia - 5.1

Ben Zemanski - 4.7

Seattle Sounders

Donovan Ricketts - 8.3

Ryan - If you look closely at each of the three shots that hit the post you will see that Ricketts got a hand on two of them and Kah blocked the third. His lateral movement has improved this season and his career continues with 12 shutouts, which is tied for the lead league.

Futty Danso - 6.7

Will - Although it was the shin of Kah that made the biggest play of the night on the defensive line, Futty managed to put together a fair accounting as well. His impact was biggest in the air, winning six headers, more than any two other Timbers.

Michael Harrington - 7.1

Will - It cannot be emphasized enough how consistent Michael Harrington is. To that end I am just going to copy and paste a previous description of his play. 

"He is the most consistent defensive player we have. He doesn't do anything spectacular but he also isn't a liability on the left. This game was just like the rest, you barely notice him because he just does what he is supposed to."

Do you know what game that was from? Exactly.

Pa Madou Kah - 7.3

Ryan - Kah was able to use his strength and speed to help nullify most of Seattle's attacks during the run of play. He did make some mistakes, like giving away and corner and losing his mark on a different corner. Despite some mistakes overall he played a solid game. Since Kah has been paired with Futty it seems like he has calmed down and no longer does he look like a Red Card waiting to happen.

Jack Jewsbury - 6.9

Ryan- Club Captain Jack continued his steady play at right back and his ability to see a play develop helped Portland keep the ball out of the back of the net. His clearance off the line during stoppage time was due to the fact that he realized a shot was coming and he dropped back to support his goalkeeper. If he is not standing on that line the Timbers only earn one point.

Will Johnson - 7.4

Will - Looking at Johnson's stats in MLS's Chalkboard, I wonder if we shouldn't have made a case for him as the man of the match. On defense he was a beast with three tackles and twelve recoveries, while in the attack his passes were a constant threat. Thanks in no small part to his role taking the Timbers' set pieces, Johnson was the provider of half of the team's most dangerous moments, making six "key passes" according to Opta. Of course, his least quantifiable contribution to the game may have been his jawing as Oswaldo Alonso that promped the Sounders man to elbow him in the face and get promptly

Diego Chara -8

Stacey - With a different referee, Chara most likely would have earned himself a yellow early in the match, and though he got lucky once, it looked like he could be in serious trouble if he kept going like that. Fortunately, he reigned himself in a little and played an assertive but not overly aggressive game the rest of the night. This week in Quantum Chara stats: 83% passing accuracy, six interceptions and 10 recoveries.

Kalif Alhassan - 7.7

Kalif 's work rate both on the offense and defensive end was the best it has ever been and this was easily his best game as a Timber. If he can continue to consistently give effort like last game we will no longer use the word "potential" but use other concrete descriptions of his game.

Darlington Nagbe - 8.6

Will - Nagbe put in a gutsy, complete effort against Seattle, driving the offense and staying active on defense. His play was impressive, but his attitude, picking himself up over and over after being on the receiving end of hard fouls from the Sounders, was where he really shined. Also, it has been mentioned once or twice, but he did complete 42 of 46 passes.

Jose Valencia 5.6

Stacey - Too often you can count on Valencia to dribble too much and waste an opportunity to shoot or set up a chance for a teammate. On Sunday he just seemed to lack an awareness of where his teammates were, or even where he was, on the field. On the plus side for Valencia, there were a few occasions where he muscled multiple defenders off the ball to keep possession for the Timbers.

Maximiliano Urruti - 6.3

Ryan - This was a tough game for Urruti as it was a game where Portland's offense struggled at times and he was left on an island. He still worked hard to apply pressure on Seattle's defense and was combining well Nagbe and Kalif at times. Hopefully his apparent hamstring strain is just a strain and nothing more.

Ben Zemanski - 5.9

Stacey- It's clear from the comments on a couple different threads this week that a lot of people do not like to see the Timbers dribble the ball into the corner to kill off time, but I am relieved we have a player who knows how to do it without accidentally kicking the ball out immediately. Five minutes of stoppage time with a one-goal lead is an eternity, and Zemanski helped keep the nervy moments to a relative minimum. He pressured the Sounders in their half, provided the outlet for the defense to get the ball upfield, and when it was the right thing to do, he just took the ball into the corner.

Frederic Piquionne - 5.6

Stacey - The Timbers had mostly stopped attacking when Piquionne came on late in the game, so he didn't have many opportunities to make a real difference for the Timbers. He did squander one though when he tried to draw a foul instead of taking a shot. The ref didn't buy it and possession was turned over to the Sounders.

Sal Zizzo - 5.6

Ryan - Sal did exactly what he was supposed to at the end of the game. He ran to the corner with speed and helped the defense with fresh legs.