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Cascadia Cup Memories: Jack's Bomb

At practice today we talked to Jack Jewsbury about the Cascadia Cup.

Jeff Vinnick

With the Portland Timbers match this Sunday against the Vancouver Whitecaps quickly approaching, the Cascadia Cup is on the mind of every Timbers fan. Everyone has their favorite memories of the Timbers' clashes with their Cascadian rivals and the players are no different.

After today's practice we asked Jack Jewsbury, who has played more minutes for the Timbers in the Cascadia Cup than anyone else since the team moved up to Major League Soccer in 2011, what moment stood out the most to him.

Obviously I think last year in Vancouver for me is one that sticks out. It was a tough season, I think, for everyone involved: fans, players, organization, staff. So for us, knowing that we had to go on the road to Vancouver last year in our last game and get a win to be able to bring the Cascadia Cup trophy back to our fans was a big one.

At that point in the year the Timbers had fired John Spencer three and a half months before, but had still not yet won a road game. The Timbers last game, two weeks before, had been a 3-0 embarrassment at the hands of the Seattle Sounders.

The Timbers flew to Vancouver on October 21st, not having won since August. Then, in front of hundreds of traveling Timbers supporters, Frank Songo'o laid a bouncing ball off to Jewsbury and this happened:

To be able to score that goal, it's a moment I won't forget and one that I think that all of that team were pretty proud to put a positive spin at the end of the year on a tough season.

Jewsbury's rocket volley past Brad Knighton was enough for the Timbers to take home all three points as well as the Cascadia Cup and was certainly the high point of 2012 for many Timbers fans.

Is there a Cascadia Cup moment that tops Jewsbury's goal? Let us know your most cherished moment from American soccer's best rivalry in the comments.